My three bizarrely haunted houses.

I’m going to talk about three of my past three houses. Each of them I have had different experiences with not feeling alone. All though I think I haven’t seen one, I’m not too sure if I have.

The first house is where I had spent half of my life. My mother lived there for nearly 17 years and as far as I know, she has never had a paranormal experience there, but my siblings believe they have.

My first encounter wasn’t until I was nine or ten. I was simply sleeping as I usually would do. Then downstairs I would hear what sounded like the TV playing (This was at 1am, btw) and what sounded like my mother and her partner at the time having a conversation. This was usual when us kids went to bed but not at this time as it was a weekday.

I went downstairs to get a drink, fully expecting them to be there and ask why I was up. I started heading downstairs and the sounds stopped. I then entered the living room and it was near pitch-black besides a lamppost on the street shining in some light. The TV was off and my mother and her partner weren’t there either. I was somewhat spooked by this but I shrugged it off once I went into the kitchen. I then head back to bed and decided that I would just ask her in the morning.

The next morning I asked her what she was doing at 1am last night and she said that she was asleep. This freaked my out a little but, I managed to stay neutral to my mother. I asked my two sisters about this and they said that they hear the exact same noises at the peak of night. For the remainder of our time at that house I always slept with the covers over my head. This lasted about 2 years before we finally moved out. That house is no more than 30 years old and the previous owner was an old man that moved into a care home. No one as far as I know has died in that house. Still spooks me today.

The house we moved into directly after the last one above was not equally as strange but almost as strange. During the day it was a place not to really call home, but as a – “we will move out of this place in the coming year” type of home. But after everyone went to bed, I would get a feeling that someone was in the house that was not welcome there. This happened whenever the boiler in the downstairs bathroom was making a racket. Not much else happened in that house after that as once again, we moved out. Never went and investigated. The house is a converted storehouse or barn and is only about 15 years old.

The house we currently live in is the only one that everyone has had some kind of strange cold feeling, only at night. It was the strongest when we first moved in, where all of us took some time just to get to sleep. My mother felt it, me and my siblings felt it, but my now stepdad never felt it as far as I know. We currently have an undeveloped space on the top floor that we use as an attic. We all did hear some strange noises coming from that room, but we all just dismissed it as a colony of mice or something. Then all of a sudden the activity just stopped. We all started having normal sleeps again. This lasted only a year. Then I started having cold feelings again but no one else was.

Twice I had to turn on the lights and look around to the room just to make sure I wasn’t being watched. I have no webcam or anything. I always have those – “Did I just see something” moments and look back and there is nothing there.

So far haven’t seen anything. It’s all just very strange.

I should also mention that nothing was built on these houses before they were built. And the third house isn’t even 11 years old. So where these came from I have no idea.

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