Night ritual – By Deadmantalkin

About 38 years ago, when I was 10, my friend Brian and I were walking from my home to his. It was a warm summer night, late August, about 1:00am. We had been out wandering around, being rowdy and watching tourists, (I lived in Bar Harbor, ME at the time, the town population grows by about 400% in summer.)


Hi house was only maybe 6 blocks from mine, the town is tiny, it’s less than a 15 minute walk at best. This night the town was quiet and dark, new moon, we walked down a side street and off to our left was an old 3 story home, all the windows were covered in drapes or curtains, but you could see glimmers of light around the edges. There was what seemed like a moaning, or a chanting, rising and falling, I’m not what language it was, not english, french, latin, spanish or of that like, but it was melodic like one of the romantic languages.

it started to get louder as we approached the house, loud to the point where Brian and I were curious, and scared, and then our stomachs fell out, underneath the chanting was the cry of a baby, like a hungry or frightened cry, it just kept going and going. As we got even to the house the voices reached an incredible volume, we were surprised the neighbors didn’t wake up, Brian grabbed my arm and I jumped. Just then, utter, silence, the kind of silence you read about as ringing silence, all noise just stopped and our ears buzzed at the sudden lack of noise.

Fear grabbed our guts and we took off like sprinters for his house and we didn’t talk about it again for 30 some years until I reconnected with him on Facebook recently. It still makes us both shudder to imagine.