Purgatory – By jakeiven

You see purgatory isnt like anything that we thought it would be like. Its kinda weird to explain but when god or Satan or whatever can’t decide if you should go to heaven or hell they send you to purgatory. Its usually people who have killed themselves but arent generally bad people. So lets say you die right you show up here in purgatory and its funny you know because you show up in the place you know best. Of course its usually ones own house but sometimes for hitchhikers and the holmless its somewhere like a park or 101 the highway even.

So you show up dazed and confused because you know you just died right and as soon as you think you understand whats going on a man appears well I can’t call it a man or a women so I guess ill just call it it. So this thing appears and I mean this things ugly its about 9 feet tall its arms are webbed together and you can’t quite see were the arms meet the hands and same goes with the legs. The face only has a slit where the mouth should be no ears or eyes and its nose can only be explained by saying it looks like voldemort from harry potter.


So this thing shows up right and you obviously fall back in fear unable to move and when it speaks I can’t quite say it says because its no language I know off but somehow I knew exactly what he was saying. “you have sinned and you must pay for your sins to reach heaven or fail and fall to hell.” Then he gives you a choice it’s either be tortured for a little more than 1000 years or try your luck at a challenge and risk the chance of going to help forever.

Of course like a sane person I didn’t want to be tortured for the next thousand years so I accepted the challenge. Not knowing what I was getting myself into I stood and waited. In a blink of an eye I was standing by the side of a massive lake the sun beating down into me and the little waves the lake produced lapped at my feat. The thing spoke “You have 72 hours to find this stone” and in a flash of an eye he was holding a shiny what looked even like a gold stone about as big as your thumb nail. I looked dumbfound how in the he’ll was I going to find this little stone in this massive lake. A watch appeared on my arm that only read 72. I turned to the thing to see him throwing the stone into the air and just like that he and the stone was gone. I peeked over at my watch again it was counting down 71:53. I sprinted into the lake and stopped in shock.

It was absolutely frigid not wanting to spend the rest of eternity in hell I love in head first. Luckily the water was quite clear so I could see what I was doing but it was still a huge lake so even though I could see it wohld be nearly impossible to figure this out. I started throwing stones out of my way while I searched frantically then it dawned on me. I had to stay up for 72 hours at the most searching for this thing. I had to make a game plan. I decided to spend 12 hours awake today and down 3 hours asleep. Getting that through my head I started to search. Rocks crammed the the bottom floor and I had to dig through about a foot of rocks before I got to the bottom. 65:42 hours left.

I started to feel depressed knowing there was only a slim chance of me actually finding this damn stone. I kept going for hours at a time even after the 14 hour mark not wanting to give up and somehow not finding myself getting tired and not even the sun was going down so I kept going. 45:23 hours left. At this lpoint I had only gone around one third of the lake and felt this anger start to build up in me I hadnt been out of the water in 37 hours and I was furious. I paddled my to shore knowing there was no way I was going to be able to do this and as I crawled up onto the shore I curled up into a ball and as soon as I did this I felt a sharp pain in my side. I got up rubbing the area and felt something in my pocket I reached in and pulled out the stone.

I dropped to my knees bawling. I heard the sake familiar voice and again he gave me 2 options. I could either go back to earth and tell people my story or go to heaven. I knew I couldntlet people go through what I had so I knew I had to go back and warn people so that’s exactly what I chose. I appeared in my bathroom and sat there for plenty of hours bawling my eyes out. If You only take onr thing from this story please take this with you bee the best person you can be. Please take my warning with you and share it with as much people as you can. Please be safe.