Recent encounter with spirit woman.

Last night during my sleep I encountered an interruption during my dream state, in which a female spirit came to me and spoke that “she was determined to make sure I would not succeed in life and that she would be present always to interfere in my happiness.” I tried ignoring her, but she was forceful and would “touch me” in my dreams to direct my sight towards her. It slowly began escalating as she became louder and more aggressive in tone, and as it became too much to bear I awoke.

Now sometimes when I sleep I wake up in a sort of jump, especially if I encounter stressful nightmares or obligations in the morning, it’s simply a weird reaction people have noted. When I awoke it happened in such a fashion. I took a bathroom break and tried going back to bed, but every time I’d begin entering a weary sleep state she’d appear, again and again, even when attempting to lucid into something else. Over numerous attempts to sleep she’d appear, again and again, each time waking me up and kicking me out of my dream state, followed by my jump that kicks me awake. Even during my awake state the environment felt… ominous, similar to experiences I had in childhood of feeling the presence of shadows being near me. Eventually I tried a strategy in my dreams in using company to acknowledge her presence and distract her. It worked, and in that window of opportunity I compartmentalized her into a small corner of my dream state and trapped her there, if that makes sense. I then proceeded to having a successful sleep shortly after.

As an additional side note my family is known to be cursed with bad fortune and events surrounding us, and thus I wonder if this spirit lady was the manifestation of all of that. She also provided me a name although I’m not really sure how to spell it, went along the lines of “Arrouth”. Any advice for future encounters o

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