Sent in by Amy-lee Murphy

She was lost. Everyone was gone and she was on her own. Her faint memory couldn’t recall what had happened, but she was definitely alone. It was getting dark and all she could see beyond the further were trees. They were dark-green and un-friendly; the type that looked like hands with long, clawing fingernails ready to cut her skin if she came into contact with them. Her clothes were torn and she was cold. The wind burned every inch of skin that was bare. Her feet were aching, but she couldn’t stop. Something was keeping her on edge and her heart pounding. She didn’t know why she was scared or how she was in a forest, but everything was wrong.


Warm tears trailed out of her eyes but they immediately turned Icy when a sharp gust of wind erupted through her surroundings. Why was she here? Why can’t she remember? These thoughts swirled through her mind over and over. She prayed for a road or a trail, Something she could follow or any glimpse of hope. But there was nothing. Nothing but the un-pleasant trees and the haunting feeling that pierced her stomach. The wind blew furiously with a loud daunting howl which stopped her heart. She let out a scared sob but immediately choked on the noise and quickly covered her mouth, as if someone might hear her. She stopped in her tracks and listened cautiously. Her ears ringing as the sudden dead silence sent a dark feeling through her bones. No wind. No rattle of leaves. Nothing. She felt sick now. She was more afraid of this silence then anything else. She walked backwards, the sound of crunching leaves announcing her footsteps until a thud snapped her out of her trance. She looked down at a patch of grass that was different to anything she had walked on. She turned around, a glimpse of hope set fire in her stomach as she thought she’d found a trail, but a gruesome terror sent icy shivers down her spine.

It was black. There was still sun in the sky, but the water was completely black. Even sun rays couldn’t shine through the thick coating of sadness that filled this water. Something had happened here, and it was horrible. Her mind screamed at her to run, but there was something floating at the lakes edge. “Turn around, leave!” Her mind shouted at her, but for some reason she needed to see what it was. Something was pulling her to the water; but every inch of her didn’t want to know what it was. She wanted to run but she couldn’t! No matter how hard she tried to turn away, her feet kept treading forward. The object started to form into a shape that made her want to cry. “Please stop.” She whispered to no one.

She was so close to it now, and it was everything she feared. The women’s floating, lifeless body haunted her eyes. She dropped to her knees un-controllably. She wanted to turn away and close her eyes, but something was forcing her to do it. She tried to stop her hands from reaching towards the body but her fingers intwined into the women’s dark hair until they found something hard to grasp.

She was crying now. Fear filled every inch of her and she wanted to faint. Her possessed hands slowly turned the dead body until she could see the horror that she knew was the reason for such fear. The rotting flesh reeked a putrid stench that formed a lump in her throat and made her gag. Her fingers could feel the the flesh tearing in places. The women’s mouth was wide open, lips as dark as night; But it was the lifeless, white eyes that she didn’t want to see. She was forced to lock her vision to the saddened eyes but then her stomach dropped. The women’s eyes locked on hers too. She jumped! The women screamed a ghastly sound into the girls face and she cried. She turned, realising her uncontrollable limbs finally let her run! But the women was right behind her. her bones cracking together with a sickening noise as she crept fast after her. A hole formed in the grass and she tripped, feeling her ankle shatter while she yelled in pain. She was defeated. The creature was on her now; her eyes were no longer white, but as black as death.
She was death. The gruesome sound of splintering bone and ear piercing screams filled the forest, but for no body to hear.