Shadow Figure at the end of my bed

This is my first post but I wanted to share some of my ghost stories that happened to me. What I’m posting is real I have no reason to lie or make up the many things that have happened to me I’m hoping by posting more people will reach out to me with the same experiences.


Ok on to the story so I moved into a home in Downtown Phoenix in a really cool historic home off Alvarado street at the time my husband and I just started a business so there was more stress then usually going on. I was not really able to sleep and I always felt uneasy in the home one night I would say it was around 4:30am I woke up and suddenly turned in my bed and looked toward the bathroom where I thought it was my husband I could not really see but I can see the outline of a person like I said I thought it was my husband so I said what are u doing and he did not reply he started pacing really fast between the bathroom door and the end of my bed again I got louder and said wake up are u sleep walking again and the the figure started to disappear almost like a static like when your tv goes out and it was gone then all of a sudden my husband raided out of bed and says I’m asleep.

I was so freaked out I have never seen a full apparition let me describe it better it was all black just like if you see someone in the dark it paid no attention to me almost like it did not know where he or she was. I also had a box fan that was on the floor it is white and the shadow figure towards the bottom of it you could see the white of the fan so the shadow figure was translucent. I never saw it again in the home but I always felt like something or someone was watching me. We no longer live in the home but to this day I think what the hell did I see.