Spirits following my family since my mother was a child

First time posting so apologizes if things are unclear or weird.

My family has collectively had many experiences with the paranormal. It mostly starts with my mom at age 5 when she saw a shadow man in a 20s style suit and fedora walk into her church during a service. She asked her youth pastor/teacher “who that man was” and her teacher responded there was no you there. The shadow stayed for 15min and got agitated when the pastor began to pray. My mom who is now age 51 will still occasionally still this fedora man.

Two incidents was when I was 14 or 15. Each a separate night. On night I was in bed and it felt like someone used both hands, open palmed to smack my feet hard under my blanket. It made me shoot you in bed thinking it was my brother messing with me. Everyone was asleep in the house. Another time at same location was I saw a tall, lanky, misshapen shadow figure at my door swaying. My room was so dark I couldn’t see my hand in front of my face but this shadow was darker than the room.

Last most memorable incident was when I was a senior in high school. Was watching a jazz documentary in percussion class. There were a total of 7 students plus our band teacher in a large band room, spread out watching in the dark. I was the only one in a chair due to a broken foot that I was elevating besides my teacher who was on the other side of the room. Four classmates were with him while the two others where sitting on each side of me on the floor. Floor had levels so they sat on them like sitting on a stair. Two feet behind me were hanging chimes. In the middle of the documentary the chimes smashed together loudly like someone full force swatted them. My first thought was to look for someone but everyone was in their spots and the two boys beside me never moved. I was able to see them constantly with my peripherals. The chimes had been standing up straight and not caught on anything since I had checked them earlier. They were moved to abruptly that they were still swaying when we all turned to look. Let’s just say everyone was uncomfortable after that.

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