Steam or ghost?

This occurred 12 years ago as of yesterday. I remembered this event due to hanging out with a cousin yesterday, on her anniversary, and this story occurred driving home from her wedding. My spouse and I were on our way home from this cousin’s wedding. It was around 10:30pm.

I remember checking the time due to being worried about having to host my sister’s baby shower the next day. To help set the scene, northeast USA in the fall in a small historic suburban village. This suburb is built around a creek. We were passing an area that is filled with trees and not much street lighting.

Some hills and declines on each side. Houses are hard to see from the road due to the trees not completely shedding their leaves yet or angle of their driveways with these hills and turns.

I remember looking down at the time and back to the roads. We just turned left to go up a hill which will to start to level out as we approach the village area. But I notice steam coming out of a drain on the right hand side of the road. It’s that time of year where fog is coming and drain water will be warmer than the air.

Something about this steam didn’t click with me. My brain kept telling me something is odd with this steam. My brain is telling me it should be coming out of a round drain, but I’ve never witnessed any steam that would swirl straight up 5 feet. My brain is also saying, that drain is too far away from the road edge.

Why would someone put a drain in their front yard like that? As we pass this interesting steam mist, I look down at the ground to try to catch a glimpse of this drain. As we pass, my spouse yells “ oh my god, did you see that?!?!? No, I was looking at the ground.

Why, what happened? You didn’t see that lady in white standing in that yard? The old fashioned dress? No!! I was looking at the ground for the drain!! Wait….what side of the road? After more discussions we realized we had both picked up on the same abnormality. They looked at it straight on while my brain was fascinated on the source in the ground. My spouse is not someone that believes in the paranormal.

This is the only time they have ever eluded to seeing something. To this day they will not admit this occurred to anyone. Every time we take that way home, I look for that elusive drain. I have never found a drain on the side of the road there or in anyone’s front lawn. I wish my brain would have used more logic since that area drains down to the creek and no storm drains are needed.

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