Story of my grandmother – By Tricia Wickliffe

I have never told my personal. Scary stories to anyone but my Family. This Story is one of many True Experiences I had growing up. My Grandmother on my Mothers side was a well known medicine woman. People from the near by towns would come to her for help all thru the day and night. I thought all grandma’s did what mine did, anyways one night i had a really bad earache.

Story of my grandmother

My dad had got up with me and took me to the kitchen to warm up a rag for my ear. Next to the kitchen was what we called “the back room”. It was my brothers room. He was gone for the weekend so my grandma was in there sleeping. As my dad proceeded to warm up the washrag, we heard a Wolf Howling so LOUD that it was evident that is was coming from the back room. As soon as it started Howling i took off running into our room and jumped in the bed with my mom. She also heard the Howling and was sitting up in the bed with a Stunned look on her face as I was running toward her. My dad stayed behind and went into the back room to wake up my grandma. She wouldn’t wake and just so you know my grandma was a very light sleeper. My dad tried for at least 10 minutes to wake her but did not prevail.

The next morning, everyone was told about the night before. My grandma just said that she didnt hear a thing. My grandpa told us that it was my Grandma that was Howling and she was out and about doing something bad/ or checking on someone.

IDK what it was but it was coming out of the room my grandma was in, and her not waking up was very very Strange.
I was about 9-10yrs old when that happened and i will NEVER EVER forget that experience.
Oh yeah, we are of The Wolf Clan….

True Story and if anyone has had any similar experience, i would love to hear it…