Strange occurrences around my childhood home

My family and I moved into our first actual house back in early 2004 and although it wasn’t the lap of luxury, it was still a nice house. It was located in a cul-de-sac behind a small shopping center in a fairy large town.

The family we had purchased it from had a daughter and a son, both of which we met when we were initially visiting the house. The last time I saw the daughter, who was about 17 at the time, was the day they moved out and we moved in.

We didn’t hear from them ever again after the sale was finalized.

Strange occurrences around my childhood home

Fast forward to a month or two later, we started noticing some strange things around the house. It was innocent at first, things that could’ve easily been explained. We’d notice that the lights would be cut on after we got home, we’d hear creaks coming from the basement at night, things out of place, occurrences of that nature.

Then, stuff started getting really strange.

My grandparents came to visit for a few months one summer and they slept downstairs in the basement. My grandfather claimed to hear voices coming from the rest of the basement at night and initially thought it was us but they continued late into the night. He knew we were long asleep by then.

I had minor cases of insomnia every now and again, but some nights I would hear footsteps down the corridor where the bedroom doors lined. Sometimes I’d think it was my dad, but I knew they happened way too late into the night.

One night of my insomnia, I had glanced over to a frame on my wall. The glass on the poster frame reflected the light from a lamppost outside my window, so I could see the reflection of my bedroom on the glass.

To my horror, I saw a black mass standing between my bed and my window. It had the shape of a man, and he seemed to be staring directly at the poster frame.

I froze in my bed when I saw this, unsure of what to make of it. Then, it turned around, and disappeared out of the reflection.

I hid myself under my covers and couldn’t sleep for the rest of the night. I wasn’t sure what I saw in the reflection but it spooked me to my core.

I reiterated it to my mother, who simply dismissed it by saying it might’ve been my mind playing tricks on me.

Then, relatives of ours came to visit that following autumn. One afternoon, they left to go to the city while my mother, my little brother, and I stayed at home.

I was in my room when my mother went to take a shower and my toddler brother was playing with his toys outside the bathtub. She then heard my brother talking to someone.

She audibly heard a female say “hello!” and my little brother repeated the greeting back. My mother thought it was our relatives that had returned but when she exited the shower, no one was there. My brother wasn’t old enough to explain who he was speaking to, but she clearly heard the voice too.

That’s when we realized something was actually strange about the house.

We asked the neighbors if they knew anything about the house or the former owners. My parents tried to contact them but the phone numbers they left weren’t in service anymore.

One of our neighbors claimed that the mother of the previous family practiced black magic and that she abused her children.

A strange thing, because the family seemed so kind and friendly when we had met them.

Then, that Christmas, I received an RC toy motorcycle that I frequently played with. It lasted about a month before I noticed it would move on its own. It would drive itself into a wall or stop whenever someone picked it up.

I told my parents, who investigated it. They switched the motorcycle to OFF and the damn thing still moved on its own. Then, we removed the batteries and it stopped for about a week. Then, one night, I woke up to it driving itself into the wall…without batteries.

My father threw it in the trash that morning.

My mother took to research what happened to the former owners. She couldn’t find anything on the husband or wife but found news about the daughter. She had committed suicide that month after they had moved out. Which, she believed that maybe it was her spirit or her entity that had been communicating with my brother.

The paranormal activity increased from there. Mother would see black masses in the doorway to their bedroom at night, dad would hear whispers in the basement when he’d get up early in the morning to go to work, and my brother often ran crying to mother because he saw a man with a black mask in the basement.

They didn’t hesitate. They pulled their finances together and jumped on the new home development bandwagon to get a house built several miles south. We moved out the summer of 2006 and they sold the house.

The new owners often called my mother, claiming they’d see figures staring at them from inside the house through the windows and that there was the sound of a woman crying in the basement. But, the calls became less and less frequent, to the point they never called again.

We joke about our past at that house now, knowing how crazy the experiences were, but most of all, we’re glad we moved out. Things seemed to get worse right as we left.