Tales from a Haunted Trailer

Let me start by saying that everything you read in this journal is 100% true. I know it may seem like the ramblings of a lunatic and impossible but trust me, everything I write here is true. I’m writing this journal to document the events as they occur so that in the event that something happens to me there is a record.

Let’s start from the beginning. These events are all recent, about a year ago my fiancé and myself decided to move out of our cramped apartment to a 2 bedroom & 2 bathroom trailer/mobile home located in a small trailer park nestled in a quaint little town surrounded by forest. When we first viewed the trailer it was just us and the community manager. We saw 3 possible locations but the one we fell in love with was in shambles when we first saw it.

It has an amazing deck for a trailer complete with storage area underneath it surrounded by lattice. The deck stood out as the trailer was a faded lime green color with an off-white vinyl skirting while the deck was a monstrous reddish-brown color. Not the color of our choice but the size of it gave us ample opportunities to invite company over and my fiancé fell in love with.

Tales from a Haunted Trailer

When we first saw the trailer the interior was not what you would call “good” condition, there were holes in the floor going straight down to the ground, doors where knocked off hinges and the master bedroom seemed to have had a pad lock on the door from the outside, and it appeared as if someone kicked it in to get into the room. The manager giving us a tour assured us if we decided on this trailer that there would be extensive renovations done before we moved in to ensure that it was in livable condition. I wasn’t a fan at first but my fiancé loved it and thus the decision was made.

It took us over 2 months after the decision was made before we were able to move in, it seemed at every corner there was something going wrong with the renovation and it would delay the move in. It seemed like god himself was against us moving into this trailer. After lots of back and forth and patience we were finally able to move in. The move in went smoothly after that point and after a couple weeks we were unpacked and living happily in our new little trailer. Shortly after moving in we started noticing strange things…..

At first it was just strange noises which we chalked up to the trailer being old and settling. We would hear phantom dripping at night that would make me wander around the trailer checking every faucet to make sure that everything was off and it was but the sound would keep going. I just couldn’t pin it down no matter what room I was in it seemed like it was just around the corner. Eventually I grew to ignore it and decided it was nothing. Then came the scratching noises.

Late one night I was sitting with my fiancé in the living room in the center of the trailer when we started hearing scratching noises on the spare bedroom door located down the hall to the left of the TV. We had no pets so we were both at a loss for what it could be. I grabbed my shotgun and slowly walked down the hall. The 2nd bathroom was empty as to be expected so I moved closer to the door to the 2nd room just ahead. I could hear the scratching noises getting louder and more violent on the door like something was about to break through. I began to panic whatever was on the other side of this door was huge. It sounds like a feral beast digging at the wood. Then suddenly everything went completely silent. I was at a loss for words, what could be on the other side of this door in front of me, quietly waiting for more noise I began to lean forward putting my ear to the door……. Nothing…… silence await….. My heart beating like I’ve never felt, I began to reach for the handle, just as I begin to touch the handle I feel a hand pull my right shoulder from the bathroom, I spin around to confront whatever was there and see nothing….

I sweep the bathroom turning on all the lights, checking the shower and cupboard. Boggled I can’t figure out what it was, I was sure something, no someone was just there and grabbed me. There’s no way it could get past me, there was only the one door. Frustrated and annoyed my mind returns to the matter at hand, I chalk the feeling up to being excited and paranoid from the noise. I return to the hall and begin to open the door. Nothing. The room is completely empty. I check the door, no sign of scratches or anything that could cause the noise. I’m at a loss for words, I turn to my fiancé and confirm she heard it too. We both decide it’s time to call it a night and we retreat to our room on the other end of the trailer.

The next day we check both the 2nd bathroom and 2nd bedroom and confirm the same things we saw the night before. Nothing, no sign of the events that had us on edge. We chalk it up to being tired and watching horror movies too late and the next few months go by without anything eventful happening. After a couple of months we decide to adopt a dog. Her name is Roxie, she’s an energetic, playful pit/boxer mix. We bring her home and everything is great.

After a few weeks I start working the graveyard shift. A few days into my shift I’m speaking to my fiancé on my lunch and she’s telling me the dog is freaking her out. I ask why and she tells me that she’s walking around the trailer staring at the heater vents. I brush it off as its hot rationalizing that she’s just feeling the cool air blowing up from through the vents occasionally.

One day while I’m at work my boss pulls me aside and tells me that my fiancé just called, she’s freaking out and I need to go home ASAP because something happened. In a panic I grab my stuff and run out to my car, I rush home thinking the worse and when I get to the door I find my fiancé in a panic. She’s rambling about the house being destroyed saying we’ve been robbed. I open the door and walk in and find everything everywhere. The drawers are all pulled out, everything we own is thrown everywhere, and we call the police to come out. They find nothing missing and no sign of forced entry. They tell me it was probably Roxie throwing a fit. I try to explain to them it couldn’t be her, how would she open the drawer and we always shut the doors to our other rooms and have baby gates up to keep her from going into areas we don’t want her when we’re gone. They can’t explain it but insist it must’ve been her. This is where I start to get a bad feeling about this trailer.

It’s now the night after the mess and I’ve decided to start keeping a log of events as they occur in hopes that someone out there will be able to help me find out what’s going on. Ever since last night I’ve had a bad feeling as if someone or something is watching me when I’m home. Roxie’s been sitting here next to me staring down the hall into the 2nd bedroom all night occasionally letting out a growl. I’ve checked the room thoroughly several times now and I’m not sure what she’s seeing but I’m sure she sees something. Hold on she just darted into the room barking. I’m going to check it out. Wish me the best of luck….