The Bartender

This isn’t a particularly scary experience but its certainly a fascinating one that to this day i cant quite believe. So i was living in York North England, a place thats pretty famous for ghost encounters. I was living in an old pub that had been turned into a student house sometime in the mid 1900’s, there was still signage in the courtyard to the building and it told us the pub had been called ‘the Bootham tavern’


One night me and my buddies are sharing some drinks, listening to music and whatnot. when my friend jake stands up into the middle of the room and i see a man appear behind him. This guy is dressed in victorian clothes, wool trousers, waistcoat and a twiddly moustache. In his left hand he has a serving tray with 5 beers on it and he has a bar cloth draped over his right forearm. The man bows slightly as he passes jake, then dips straight by him and out through the wall in one fluid movement, he moves the way one might squeeze through the crowd in a busy bar. I saw the guy for maybe 1.5 or 2 seconds.

At the same time me and a girl who was sat in the same position as me exclaim

‘I’ve just seen a guy behind jake’

we look at each other kinda stunned, then confirm with each other the details of what we had seen. We both agreed that the figure was in no way threatening, but that he was carrying out the job he had once done in the pub, it felt like he was happy to have people to serve again.