The cat noises – By ElineZeroSevenTree

This happened to me a few days ago. It was about 05:30 AM. Suddenly I heard 3 cat noises, a sort of ‘greeting meows’. All 3 exactly the same. It came from behind me, from the other side of my door. (something you need to know is that I sleep in the scullery, and my bed is right next to my window on the other side of the room, facing my door). I remember the meows were very loud.


That’s what I woke up to, and It seemed like my dog (who was sleeping on my bed) heard it too since he lifted his head. I thought it was just my cat, since it wasn’t unusual for my cat to start nagging at my door for food. “Stupid cat” I muttered to myself. Well, since I was awake I thought: I might as well go to the toilet. So when I opened my door, there was no cat to be found.

In fact, my actual cat was just sitting on the tv chair in our living room, there’s no way my cat would go back that quick to sit on the chair again, for at least he would still be in the kitchen or the countertop or on the table or just sitting or laying on the ground. This is by far not the scariest story on the internet, but it was scary enough for me to keep me awake for an hour (yes I’m a little bit of a wuss). It probably was just a dream, as I often hear loud noises like screaming or explosions, all produced by my stupid brain. Or maybe it were just some cats from outside, cause there are some cats out there that make some loud noises for example when they’re fighting. But still, this sounded so real, and It sounded like it came from behind me. I hope I will never experience this kind of shit again.