The ghost in the video chat

I grew up in a house that’s well over 100 years old by now. It used to be a barn and got converted into a proper Victorian home at some point. When we renovated it, we found horse hair in the walls. Between literal animal trimmings being inside it and the activity I experience, I’ve always felt like the house has a wildness to it.

Before we moved in during the summer of ‘00, my grandfather owned the home. When he owned it, there were old portrait paintings that felt like they followed me across rooms. And when adventuring upstairs, a place he rarely went due to old age, it felt like uncovering another time. The bedroom that eventually became mine was a military room- filled with antique soldier uniforms and other items that I never fully learned the stories from. The rest of the floor had loads of other objects just like that.

Simply put.. the house had all of the ingredients for residual hauntings.

To top things off, my grandfather ended up dying in the house, and that’s what lead to my family and I moving in shortly after. It wasn’t long before I’d hear footsteps from the upstairs during the day, or even in the hallways at night when everyone else was asleep. The footsteps could become so relentless that they’d even pace at the front of my own room at times. Exhausted, I’d ask the spirit to please stop, and make sure I never slept with my back to the room.

Due to the footsteps mostly being upstairs, I was particularly creeped out up there. But, when I was a teenager, our computer was at the top of the stairs in a little loft by the landing. Nothing—not even creepy footsteps, could keep me from updating my AIM away message and video chatting with my boyfriend at the time.

While happily tapping away at the computer, the entire upstairs was to my back. I always made sure all of the lights were on to help me better cope with the feeling of being watched.

One evening, I was alone upstairs as I video chatted away. I was laughing so much that I wasn’t thinking at all about the room behind me. It was in that moment that I felt the unmistakable feeling of a hand coming down on my left shoulder and firmly resting there. It was so fast I didn’t make a sound. Wide eyed, I grasped my shoulder and twisted my neck to see who was there. No one. My head spun back to the screen and I asked my boyfriend if he saw who was behind me.

He said he didn’t know. The video cut out right before I turned my head.


So glad I found this sub! I have plenty of ghost stories. I thought I’d start with one of my favorites today.


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