The ghost that wanted my attention.

I moved in a new house with my family two years ago, as soon as I walked in I felt strange, like something was not right but I didn’t pay attention to it.

The first four months in the new house passed without anything strange happening, then all of a sudden, one day strange things started happening in the house.

That same day my dog started crying for no reason, the iron door of the boiler room in my garden fell off but it was perfectly sealed, the tv was switching on and off by itself, the lights would turn off without reason, things started getting scary when I went out of my house into the garden and I saw a broken bucket full of water, there was a large crack in the bucket surface but something was holding the water like it was in an intact bucket. As soon as i started staring at it the water poured out of the bucket through the crack.

Since that day strange things started happening everyday, bottles of wine opening by themselves, doors and windows closing and opening and their handles rotating as if a person was doing it.

I told my story to a friend and she introduced to me a friend of her that was really into this sort of things, I borrowed an EMF meter and a device that translates EVPs to real words from him and I waited for the right time to use them.

Later that day I turned off the electricity in my house and I went in every room of my house with the EMF meter, when I entered my bedroom it rose up to the max level, I turned on the EVP translator and I said:”If you are here touch this device” pointing at the EMF meter, 1 second later it rose up to max level again so I started talking and the words that showed up on the EVP translator were always correct responses to my questions, never a word without context.

So this “ghost” told me that she is a female, that she likes my dog and that she’s interested in knowing me, I stopped talking to her when my mom walked in the room.

Since that day I felt this ghost was following my me all day and trying to get my attention by dropping objects that I was watching, causing me to get so scared, she would only go away when I was with someone else, she knew that I knew she was there, that she exists so she was searching for my company.

I saw a deodorant bottle falling off a shelf in two movements, first it moved close to the border, then stopped and then it fell off the shelf so I was sure this events weren’t natural.

When I was alone I always felt she was there with me and everytime I felt a strong sense of sadness coming from her, I don’t know how to explain this properly, It was like she was really, really sad and was transmitting her sadness to me.

I started ignoring her because I was so scared and she started to try to get my attention more and more.

First I started seeing shadows and movement with the corner of my eye when I walked alone in the house, then one day I saw her shadow on the wall, it was so real that I thought my mom or my sister entered the room but when I turned my head I saw that no one was there with me and only in that moment i realized it was her shadow.

I saw her shadow almost every day until four days ago when I left my parents house and moved to a new city to go to college.

She was appearing to me in a more clear way every day, so I think that if I moved out one or two weeks later I would have saw her directly somehow.

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