The Laughing Man – By doni_chan

I had a taste of what my hell would be like. I grew up in a big family, 6 boys 5 girls and we either slept in the rooms or were stuffed in the living room together on the floor.


I remember the only space for me to sleep was on the floor right in front of the entrance of my brothers room. My head was pointing directly towards the door. I remember as I was falling asleep I had an uncontrollable itch in my left ear and I couldn’t stop scratching it. I eventually fell asleep and dreamt I was in a library studying on a table. As I’m reading I notice something crossing the floor. It was a black cat strolling across the library floor. As curious as I was I decided to follow the black cat. The cat lead me to a door between two book shelves. The door slowly opened to a pitched black room. The black cat went down and of course I followed him down to a dark basement. The further down i went the colder it got and I had a feeling of impending doom.

As soon as my feet hit the floor a cage fell from the ceiling trapping me inside. As I grab on to the cage shaking it to try to escape I suddenly see a fire ignite from across the room. In front of the fire is a man in a black suit with his back towards me. He laughs loudly as if every chuckle was a blow to his abdomen, his laughter is so full of bass my ears can’t stand it. As he slowly turned around I notice something strange. His skin was pale and thin; they were translucent. His face were not only sunken in.., his face was missing his eyeballs.

What was supposed to be his eyes were two dark hollows that’s stared into the depth of my soul. He continues to laugh at my fear. I woke up drench in sweat and too terrified and to fall back asleep.