The little boy from where ever.

My moms had a little boy ghost follow her from her old house on Beverly Blvd in Pico Rivera all throughout her life and different homes up until the house she is in with me now.

When she was living in Pico Rivera I was living at my grandmothers at Der House in Whittier CA.

Our house already had activity but we didn’t have any children spirits as far as we knew.

So the first time she saw him was at her house in Pico.

The ghost would run across their deck at night and peek into the house on different occasions.

He would also follow her or her bf into the garage which they both experienced without the other being around.

So that was there.

Then my mom moved into our house next to Der House and we had the old woman ghost who would come around whenever we weren’t tending to her yard.

But there was also the little boy.

I never really payed attention to the boy ghost because he just never really did much to me besides little noises and knockings once in a great while.

But my Uncle who is schizophrenic was staying there.

He had never heard my mom mention the little boy ghost.

And so one night he was sleeping on the couch and he started yelling.

We got up to check and he was like “chris! Tell your fucking friend to go home and get out of the attic!” We asked him what he meant and he said “you’re little friend won’t shut the fuck up”.

Mind you.

He never said it was a little boy.

Until the next morning.

He came in and apologized and said that a little kid whom he thought was my friend Joe kept talking to him and running”.

So my uncle saw it.

Next was my highschool ex.

She was sleeping over and had went to grab something from the kitchen.

She didn’t get far before coming into my room and locking the door.

She said she heard a childish sigh and then saw a small silhouette against the frig.

So now in our next house my mom still saw him.

And then my grandma saw him.

She walked up to pur porch, peeked inside and saw a kid walking from our living room into the hallway.

She didn’t know who it was but as soon as the kid went into the hall, my mom came out of her room.

My gma was a bit shook but she’s seen some shit.

And I guess i’ll put the last and best little boy sighting which was about 3 yrs ago.

My little cousin was in my room while I was out and was home alone with my cats.

He was playing PS3 and felt he was being watched.

He said he kept getting tingles and the urge to look back.

So he grabbed his now broken cell and snapped like 10 pics of the doorway into out living room.

He checked.

And in one pic he caught a head peeking out from the side of the further doorway from my room.

The little boy was pretty much peeking from our couch into my room.

Our couch was against the wall so its like he was kneeling on it while sticking his head out into the doorway.

My mom, girlfriend, and neighbor saw the picture several times before my cousin broke his cell.

And for me it was the first time I had seen one of our ghosts other than the short glimpses.

The head line was perfect and you could see his little bangs and the darkness where his eyes should have been.

Even the nose line was slightly visible.

Our neighbor thought we photoshopped it.

Too bad the pic is gone.

My cousin said his pics went into a cloud server but he’s yet to retrieve the pic.

I’ll push him to look.

It’s truly a solid picture.

And so the little boy is still around I guess.

I haven’t felt or seen him in awhile.

Maybe he just wanted to be seen before he passed on.

I don’t know.

Oh oh and I forgot about the actual last time the boy was seen.

By my moms friend in our makeshift studio in the garage.

This guy knew absolutely nothing about this ghost boy from my mom.

And so he was in the studio alone while my mom was inside our house.

And when she went back in he told her casually that a boy popped his head into the studio and then took off thinking that maybe her nephew or someone was here.

Lol and my mom was just like “we’re alone, my son’s not even home.” And they tripped out together.

I don’t not like this ghost.

I actually have become quite fond of him.

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