the little boy who woke me up every night

when i first moved into my new house it was a beautiful thing. high ceilings, big yard, and lots of big windows. the first night i slept in the house the paint in my room was still drying and i had to sleep in the closed of office on a mattress on the floor. this is the first time i ever experience what i can only call sleep paralysis.

my bed was facing the open doorway to the office and i “woke up” well still sleeping to a shadow like man that still had visible features standing over me watching me sleep with a friendly smile. it still terrified me and he reached down to grab my ankles. i tried to shake him off but i couldn’t move so i just laid there trying to scream my mouth going mute. eventually i woke up in a sweat and passed it off has my mind playing games and getting comfortable with the new house.

the little boy who woke me up every night

the next few nights i slept normally and moved into my room where my bed was facing the window. when i had my bed positioned this way for some reason i never had “sleep paralysis”. after a couple months i wanted to switch my room up and there for moved my bed to right under the window therefore facing the door. this was the first night in two months it happened again.

the man was standing over me when i woke up again. he was shaking me but i couldn’t feel the air around me moving and i was trying to push him off but i couldn’t move. then in the corner have my eye i saw a more feminine shadow her head was bent at an odd angle so she could look me dead in the eyes and she was smiling with pointed teeth. i tried to scream but again i couldn’t and i woke up screaming. my mom ran in and i told her i just had a bad dream.

the next day i was very uneasy and didn’t want to sleep. but i had to sleep. this time however turned out differently. the nightmares happened again. this time i woke up to a young boy trying to wake me up and kept pointing at the closed door. now quick side note before this i always slept with the door opened. but i slept with it closed that night to keep my room cold. anyways the little boy had his head at a weird angle. and he very forcefully pointed towards the door and i heard little cracks as he moved his head and smiled at me with pointed teeth. his mouth made a hissing noise as he said “wake up and let them in”. i was trying to call for help. i was trying to do anything. but i couldn’t move. and he again said “let them in” “you need to let them in” through his pointed teeth. i finally woke up with the image of the pointed smile and my body in a sweat. i ran to the bathroom and splash my face with cold water. i don’t know what i was trying to pass this off has at this point but i always has a creative mind so i thought it was that maybe just playing tricks on me.

the next night i fell asleep with my door open because my mom came in late to grab my laundry and forgot it open. i “woke up” to the man grabbing my ankles and trying to pull me out of my bed. this is when i thought i woke up out of shock. and i noticed i was halfway down my bed with the sheets ripped off so i got up to get some food because i always get hungry in the middle of the night. i hear a tap on the large windows in the living room and i see the feminine shadow with the pointed teeth pointing to the deck door. i thought maybe my mind was plying tricks on me because i was “awake” and i walked over to the locked deck door to check if anyone was out there. then the shadow woman full sprints towards the window and yells “let me in” and i wake up screaming. standing at the door with my hand on the lock. then go back to bed and am a woken by a little boy telling me “you should have let them in” and then let’s out a little laugh that rang through my ears……..