The Lonely Ghost

So this is a short, cheeky situation that happened to my friends and me in the middle of the summer in Denver, round about 2008. We were bored and sitting around telling stories about the random things that we have done in life, and my time working as a locator for a paranormal hunting group came up. Basically I was the one who would look for potential haunts, and I would contact the owner of whatever property they were going to hunt and I would arrange the whole thing permission wise. The group had a lawyer and insurance that handled the waivers and such, I just got them all in touch with each other to make sure everything was above board and legal, and that the owner wasn’t held liable if one of my idiot hunters went screaming into a hole on the property in the middle of the night.

Well that interested a friend, who at the time was a skeptic of the paranormal. One of my roommates mentioned our basement was haunted (a reoccurring theme in my life, I know). The skeptic said we should do an “investigation” which translated into there being six of us in the basement sitting in a semi circle with a some equipment asking questions. Most of the people don’t matter, save Rob, my best friend, and Goldie our skeptic friend. Goldie didn’t believe in the paranormal, and was adamant that “all those people are con artists.” I guess that included me too, but no worries, I don’t take things personally. The basement was an unfinished large room with a metal pole in the middle we were sitting in front of that pole, and I pulled out a couple things I still had left over from when the Paranormal hunting group broke up. (I keep saying hunting and not investigating because these guys were idiots that didn’t try to debunk or gather evidence so much as they just ran around a property acting like assholes, I won’t mention their names now or the group name, because I’m not a petty person).

The equipment that was most important to this situation was the thermometer and the recorder. When we started I gave Goldie the thermometer and Rob was recorder guy. Rob had done investigations with me a couple times in the past, just the two of us, and he knew to call out shuffling, or whispered conversation to mark it on the Audio. He was also my sound guy in general, any time I got audio evidence, he was the one that found it for me, so the callouts were to help him sort the sounds of playbacks. So we sat, and Goldie commented how warm the basement was, it was a hot day, and there was no AC venting into the basement. The thermometer said it was in the low 80s. So we sat there for a while asking questions and goofing around in the dark, no one was taking this seriously. after some time I realized half my body was very cold. Goldie commented almost immediately after that it felt freezing in the room now. She shined a light on the thermometer and it was down to 44 degrees (F) we were staring at the readout silently when Rob suddenly yelped and jumped up, then took off up stairs. We followed after into the warm upper level and Rob was pacing around all hyper and freaked out. This guy was a rock, and here he was babbling like a scared child. once I calmed him down he told me what had happened.

As we were looking at the temperature, he heard a whisper in his ear, and felt a shocking cold sensation… on his crotch. Not one to be interested in that kind of experience with the dead he freaked out and took off. We didn’t have any evidence except his recounting of that uncomfortable situation, until we reviewed the audio. There, right between me commenting about how the temperature had dropped 40 degrees and Rob jumping out of his seat, a clear female voice can be heard saying “I’m so alone.” Goldie freaked out, since she was the only woman in the room at the time, and this voice was right next to the mic, while she was at least 8 feet away next to me. These days Goldie is much more open to the idea of ghosts and spirits

And that’s the story of the Lonely Ghost, or… the time Rob got groped by the undead.

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