The Man in the Horse Mask

I know I need to start keeping a record of this, because if I don’t, I’m scared no one will ever know what’s happened here. A whole town, gone. No one would even know. Most people are related, and we’re so small in population and far away from any main roads I doubt anyone could even find this place without help from a local. I used to like living out in the middle of the woods. I thought it was peaceful, inspiring, even. I feel like an idiot now for ever thinking that.

On that same thread, though, I can’t risk giving away any personal information out of fear that the killer is online, right now, reading this. This seemed the best way to tell everyone the truth of what’s going on, the best way to protect myself. I’ll keep everyone updated for as long as I can survive.

The Man in the Horse Mask

It feels unreal to even say that. To know that odds are I won’t make it out of here alive.

It started a couple days ago when someone’s husband was found dead. It was as gruesome as they come, too. Partially by bludgeoning, partially by what looks like an ax. That’s what the general consensus was, anyways. I’ll spare you a detailed description, but I know I won’t forget the sight. We don’t have any kind of news service like a paper, because there’s really no point in a town of about 400, but everyone knew by noon the day he was found. We were all rattled, rightfully so. It was like one of those moments on every basic teen horror show; something like that isn’t supposed to happen in a small town like this.

The law started looking into it, rounded up some suspects, but ended up releasing everyone. I don’t know what they were thinking. Maybe they hoped this would be a single incident, that someone acted in a heat of the moment rage and was too scared to admit it. We all wish that was the case.

Now, a person has died every day, same way every time.

5 days. 5 dead.

Of course I’ve been scared. I’m as scared and paranoid as they come at this point. I knew these people, and I felt bad for them, for their families. I guess something about it didn’t really seem real until the victim was someone close to me. I still have no clue how I didn’t hear it in the night. To wake up, though, go into someone’s room and just find them in…god, I vomited.

And then I heard something outside.

I think that was his mistake, that the forest has so much underbrush up here, that unless you’re moving slowly, it makes a lot of noise. I heard it rustling because the window in the room was open a crack. I guess most would’ve assumed it to be wind, but with all that’s happening right now, I can’t be blamed to suspect it was something else.

I crept up to the window as quietly as I could, and honestly I almost laughed at what I saw, it was so surreal.

There was a man, a little ways into the treeline. He was big, well built, shirtless…and he was wearing a white horse mask. Like, one of those ones that looks like a horse head. He was dragging something behind him with one arm, but I couldn’t quite see what. The underbrush was hiding it.

I got out of view of the window quickly, and crept back upstairs before calling officers. The day was a rush after that, new possible suspects brought in, questioned. I’m sick of this, though. I don’t want anyone else to suffer the fate these 5 have. It’s time someone took action. I don’t know how, but it’s time.

We can’t leave, two of the murders have been people trying to leave or reach out to the outside, so that’s off the table. I can’t just sit back and wait for more people to get murdered, though. I can’t.

I just heard something outside, so I’m going to sign off and grab my baseball bat and wasp spray. I wish I had a gun right now.

Hopefully I’ll be alive to know more tomorrow.