The Ouija Board

DISCLAIMER: Names of any person or location will be changed in my posts. I have done this for privacy reasons, but everything else is real.

In late 2018, Jade and I were both working as weekday night aides. The activity in the group home was at a high point and we were both scared to be in one spot alone, so we went together when we checked on the girls, did laundry, etc. There were times where we would hear knocking and scratching on the walls, footsteps, odd voices (only one of our girls was highly verbal), and things would fall off of tables. One night when we were mopping the hallway, we saw small footsteps going down the floor. This would have been easily written off as one of the girls moving around, but they stopped at the hallway entrance to the attic. We both saw this and both of us hurried to finish. I really regret NOT getting a picture of this when it happened. We told our house manager the next evening and while she did believe us, she joked it off. That’s when I got the idea.

My uncle that I lived with at the time had a Ouija board in his office. I asked him if I could take it to work with me and he agreed, as long as I took care of it. Some of the other members of staff had things like “ghost radar” on their phones, but either didn’t have enough patience with them or they weren’t brave enough to keep them open long.

The board was perfect in my eyes at the time, because maybe we could finally communicate with “Mitch”, or whoever else was in the house.

I showed Jade and while she wasn’t thrilled, she agreed to use it. We were going to use the board by the attic entrance in the hallway, because that area felt close to the center of the activity. I had the board in my bag and sat it next to one of the living room chairs. We were going to wait until later in the night, to make sure all of the girls were sound asleep before we used it.

Once I sat down, I started to feel weird. It felt like there were fingernails that were slowly being dragged up and down the length of my arms, chest, and back. I ignored it at first, but it started to burn. Once I heard whispering behind me I had enough. I told Jade what happened.

We did have door alarms in place, but they were armed by sliding them up and down. Jade turned off the alarm to the back porch, and we sat the board (still in my bag) outside for the night.

After it was outside, it was actually a fairly calm night for us. I felt stupid for ever thinking it was a good idea in the first place and once it was back in my uncle’s office where it belonged, I didn’t mess with it again.

The odd thing is to me that Jade and I were only able to work together for a brief period of time, maybe a couple months. In the fall, our job cut out having two night aides and she was moved to the weekends. Once she was gone, the activity almost stopped. There were few and far between things that happened, but I wasn’t terrified of being at work anymore.

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