The Shade Man

I have been waiting for some time to tell this tale. Today is the day that I will finally put pen to paper and tell my side of the events that took place on June 5th, 2010 in Cumberland, Kentucky.

I awoke from a very deep sleep to see the brightest light I’d ever seen. Even with the curtains drawn it was blinding. In my confusion, I moved towards the window and peered outside. The light was now gone and the street was once again consumed by darkness. I shrugged it off and was about to head back to bed, then I noticed something. My neighbor. He was standing in the middle of the street. It was around 2:45 am so I found this to be very strange. He was just standing there, motionless. Just as I was about to open the window and see if he was alright, I saw it. Under the glow of the single street light outside my house stood what I can only describe as an independent shadow. It was in the shape of a man, but had no features whatsoever.

The Shade Man

With my neighbor still unmoving, I watched in terror as the shadow slowly glided towards him, almost floating it seemed. Then, it stopped a mere half a foot in front of him. The shadow let out an ear piercing screech, and began to fade in and out like a bad tv picture. With my neighbor still rooted to the spot, the creature lunged at him and disappeared inside of his body. Instantly he began shaking violently as if he were being electrocuted. His body then split into two. Right down the middle. No blood, no guts, no screams of pain, just nothing.

I watched as each side of his body began to grow back and repair itself. After about 30 seconds, each half had formed its own whole. The shadow creature had re-appeared and was standing over the bodies, almost as if he were inspecting his work. Just then, both bodies of my neighbor sprang back to life and brought themselves up off the pavement. All three were now starring in the general direction of my house. I watched completely horrified as one of them walked over to the curb, sunk down onto all fours, and began bashing his skull on the sidewalk. He continued to do this until every last bit of life had left his body and he fell flat onto the concrete. The shadow figure then took the hand of the remaining version of my neighbor and began walking down the street into the pitch black night, presumably on a hunt for their next victim.

I’m not sure what this being was or where it came from, and I’m honestly not sure if I ever want to find out. I sold my home two weeks later and moved back in with my parents and eventually to Nashville, Tennessee. I have not been back to Cumberland, Kentucky since, and I doubt that I ever will.