The skin walkers – By Matt James

This isn’t my story but Here’s something for people who wanna know more about skin walkers ………there comes a time for a child to be born, there are several children that are sensitives & those that are sensitives get chosen. We who are sensitive to evil or good can “see” what normal people can’t.

The skin walkers

ESP as many scientists believe to be “paranormal” or “supernatural” but you have to see it in the eyes of us who have been taught that “everything” is possible & it is all limitless. So basically we see things & we let our elders know, now when children cry it’s either because something was bothering them or they sense something bad. Easy, when a child is laughing or is smiling while no one is in the room. It “could” be a good spirit playing with them, or it “could” be a bad spirit playing with them. It’s hard to tell because there is nothing “evil” in the beginning. It’s all trickery to us because they can’t harm the innocent. I was one of these children who was a sensitive & I was given the name, Hashke Ta Deezwood, which translates to “One who walks around with warriors” or “One who is always honest with those he encounters”. Now, with me, my grandmother raised me to be a good kid. Never into the going out at night or opening a window at night or whistling at night.

No-No for a child because that’s what calls the bad spirits over to you. So I did nothing but listen to her stories of all these things. My father came into the picture when I was like 5 or 6 & he just visited time to time. Now when I turned 8, I was allowed to go with him to his place. He then started my “training” as I call it. I was hunting & gathering things with him. I thought it was fun because I was hanging out with my father. Now when I turned 9 it began, I was the youngest of the group of kids chosen by his “elders” to partake in this event. I was a sensitive & still am, so they performed a 3 day ceremony in which they had a huge bon fire going & they were dancing around it. They had their skins & animals skins, when I say skins I mean human skins as well. There were people getting butchered & mutilated in these camps in the caves on top of the mountains near my hometown. I vividly remember watching a man get slaughtered & I can remember his screams of agony.

This is what haunts me to this day, I tell people all the time, “Dude, you have NO idea what it’s like to go through hell or have to hear screams from it or even watch it”. We the children have to sit in front of a mirror, this mirror is like a portal to another deep dark dimension & it remains dark until the ceremony is almost complete. It reflects our image but in a ghastly way. Now the chants & songs are being made while people around are getting slaughtered & we have to fast without food or water for the whole three days, while in front of these huge bon fires while watching our own image in a dark mirror. Once the three days are over & there are some of us who survive, keep in mind that they choose up to 15 kids & only three of us make it out alive.

I’m the youngest of all of them. Now the 4th day we have to go around talking to animals in THEIR language & we HAVE to understand them. We have to play with some & then challenge some, all while being observed by skinwalkers that are already initiated. If we pass with their approval, we get to do one more thing. Eat, but in order to do so we have to kill either an animal or a human. Then we eat whichever we kill. I killed a prairie dog because I couldn’t even stand the thought of eating a person. That’s what sets the Skinwalkers apart, whether you eat an animal or human. Eating an animal will most likely result in us being able to obtain “white” or “clear” eyes UNLESS you eat snakes or coyotes. Eating a human will always result in obtaining the famous & infamous “red” or “yellow” eyes. Once the sacrifice is made & you survive through it all, you obtain the right to be called a skinwalker. Now keep in mind that even skinwalkers play by the Natural Law. They come together in this time, be it bad or a good skinwalker, to raise more skinwalkers. But this only happens every rare occasion in which there are changes that are being made by the planet due to climate or interplanetary change.

We are more in tune with nature then most. We understand the crystal & how it communicates to us. This is why most scientists believe that logic does not mix with reality. Logic is their way of “trying” to explain something they don’t understand & are afraid of. We on the other hand know enough that there are always going to be things that we can’t explain but we will describe it. We won’t be afraid of it because if it’s in our world, then it must be in others as well. Meaning it was ALWAYS there to begin with so it’s nothing new to the universe but it is to us therefore it is NOT supernatural or paranormal. Same goes for spirits/aliens/ufos, they’re just crossing over, no big deal. Now Mother Earth provides us chosen with massive amounts of energy which we can keep forever. We have the power to manipulate & control certain things. I for one can control the weather with my emotions & I can befriend any wild animal & I can also manipulate peoples thought process.

I was chosen with clear eyes, & I was given an bald eagle feather. See, most don’t know this but you don’t need the full skin to transform, you just need a piece of a part of the animal. I transformed for the first time, it took me 12 hours to master the art. I had to let go of all the limits I was taught, see I was taught that I could only go so far before there would be no limits like they teach nowadays but you have to let it ALL go in order to realize the beauty of shifting. Once shifted, you can fly as high as YOU see fit. It was great, being 9 & flying over Shiprock at high speeds. Having pure sight of everything was the best. Then I did something stupid. I transformed back while I was trying to land, I landed on my face…. HARD. I stumbled a bit & I couldn’t remember anything for awhile but then I caught my thoughts & I knew what I had done. I was proud of myself. I was greeted back at the caves with joy & food/water. I enjoyed every meal afterward because I was hungry. The other kids had turned too. One transformed into a snake & the other was cougar. We were happy until it came time to face the mirrors. I got in front of my mirror, stared into my own eyes & saw a great glory. Clear eyes.

The Mirror then finally became “wavy” as if it was part of the water & something had hit it to make it start to wave. In the mirror was a mountain of flames & towering over those flames was a dark winged creature that had a long jaw & what looked like ram horns. It stared at me & it called me it’s son, but it said my purpose was to help those in need & to fight for the better good. Therefore it rejected me & said that I was no longer it’s son & it was gonna protect me from harm but it would have nothing to do with me. The mirror cracked & the pieces fell, the other kids didn’t have the same experience. Their mirrors were returned to normal so I guess I was the one that the mirror decided to show me this image. After all this, my dad took me back to his house & we slept with the doors open. I didn’t care, I was practically invincible & had this thought that I could do whatever I wanted & I was fully protected but I snapped, this orb of light came into the house & I stood up. I wasn’t scared & this orb flew into me, it tickled & I started to glow as if I was a glow stick. I walked outside & I saw a face form out of dust in front of me. It was a man, he spoke to me saying that he was the Creator & that what had happened was for the best & that I was to be honored to protect the people when I transformed. I was excited & I didn’t want to believe it was the Creator speaking to me so the orb left. I went to sleep.

Next day, I got back home to my mothers’ & I told her everything. She freaked out & took me to a medicine man fast. I got all the ceremonies done to reverse it all but I feel that it’s stuck with me & that I can still transform. I haven’t tried it but if you knew what it felt like, your body thirsts to do it again. So on occasion I clear the clouds & I make sure no animals harm people. I hope this helps you in your quest to seek the truth on your end but I’m pretty much covered on everything needed. By the way, 2012 is going to be a normal year, same goes for 2013. It’s just a time for transition & coming of evolution. I’d tell you more but I’ll leave the rest to your research. Blessings from afar, peace.