The story when I was little – Leo

When I was around 6 or 7 years old, I had an imaginary friend like most kids that age would. We would do everything together. But, when I was 9, I moved and he said he could not come with me. But that another imaginary friend would be waiting for me and he would take care of me. He said that there was a box at the back of my closet I needed to take with me in order to get my new friend.


I took the box and when I got to the new house I hid it so my parents wouldn’t see it. That night, I got up with a flashlight and went to my closet where I hid the box. I opened it to find a Ouija board. With it was a note that read “This is how you can get an imaginary friend for LIFE”. It came with instructions so I began to use it. The next thing I knew, a red orb showed up in my room. It was floating around for minute then took shape. It took the form as my great grandfather who recently had passed. For a short time, I believed it was him. But..after a while, I began to realize that this was not my great grandpa. I guess that he could tell that I knew it wasn’t who it said it was. So..that’s when it began to physically abuse me. Every morning I would wake up with bruises and bite marks all over me. My parents didn’t know what to do so they called a friend of the family (who was a ghost hunter) to come out and see what was going on.

While searching the hunters found the Ouija board that I had used. They attempted to burn it but that just made the spirit angry. The spirit then showed it’s true form. It was a tall dark figure. It was slim and where it’s face was supposed to be, was a swirling mist of darkness. We were able to rid the spirit of the house. But..just a few years ago (I think it was two years ago), Anna (the other admin) and I were on the phone when I say the spirit again. It attacked me. I couldn’t breathe or speak or move for a good minute.

Then it finally released me and I called out for my parents and they came running into my room. They saw the thing just before it disappeared into the darkness.
I have not had any other experiences with this thing and I hope not to. This is a true story. And this really happened to me.