The Woman – By iacopo25

One summer night, about 5 years ago, I was awoken to nothing. Not a bump in the night, not screaming, but to silence. Silence and cold. The cold was everywhere, I touched my shirt, wet from sweat. I realised that I was sitting upright. I looked at the end of my bed and there it was a white figure, giving off a soft, almost soothing glow. I was paralysed with fear, I wanted to turn on the light but I could not move. The figure slowly turned its head.

The Woman

A woman, it look a little like my mum but it was not. “go to sleep”. Those three word came out of her mouth, almost in a mothering soothing voice. I grabbed my blanket and put it over my head. ‘go away please make it go away’ I thought. Then I remembered that my brother was in the room in the bed next to me. I stuck out my hand. Click. The light was on. I kept hiding. After what felt like ages I shouted “Mum! Dad! Help” these words I kept shouting until my mum was in the room with me asking what happened. “its 4 O clock what’s wrong?” she asked. I asked her if she had been in my room recently like 1 hour ago. she said no. I told her what happened. She said that it was only a bad dream but I told her it was not. I slept in her room that night and I feared for my life.

Still every few nights I awake drenched in sweat, cold, I look at the time. 3:15. Every time its between 3 or 4 am. Every time I feel like I am being watched. Also on several occasions I strange things have happened in the house: Like once time my mum was woken by the sound of music. She entered the living room to find the speakers playing a song, we had not used the speakers for a few months. Also books and toys fall in the night. And once I saw a figure in the kitchen.

This all happened for real and I am still afraid of my room.