The worst two years of my life

So I had an experience in my old house back in 2010-2012. It lasted two years. I don’t really tell anyone about my story because not only do I look crazy but, I also look like a liar. But I swear everything is 100 percent true. The first experience I had was when I was over the phone with my friend ( we will call her Anna) she moved to Oklahoma so we talked over the phone every night. One night we were talking over the phone as usual; and I heard a knock on my door. It was 3 knocks to be precise. I didn’t think much of it. I thought it was my mom so I said “ come in” and there was no answer. Instead, three more knocks more aggressive than the first set of knocks: “ COME IN!” I yelled. And still nothing. I then heard tapping on my door in threes. I got up, and opened my door and nothing was there.

My mom had already fallen asleep in the living room, and my dad was fast asleep in their bedroom. My friend Anna and I were freaked out but I didn’t think much of it after that. But after that event everything got worse. I would be woken up with nightmares, being pinched, and my hair pulled. I decided to sleep in my parents room for a whole year because being in my room was just too terrifying to me. My parents thought I was looking for attention. I was homeschooled around this time ( only being in 8th grade) and when I was home alone I would hear bangs on the side of the hallway walls. I remember feeling like I was constantly being watched. So much so, that I felt freaked out to change out of my clothes into pajamas. I started to spend a lot of time at my other friends house ( we will call her Jane) and the entity started following me there so there was no escaping.

Jane only lived with her mom and her mom worked a lot so we were home alone a lot. And we began to hear the same pounding knocks on the sides of her hallway walls as well. We both smelt a foul burning smell. Almost like a dead animal, or something rotting, with a mixture of gasoline. We would light candles to try to drown out the smell. It would keep us up half the night by slamming things in the other room, or knocking on the door. ( I just want to add that she had no animals and her mom went out a lot after work so no one was home) but once I left her house she didn’t hear any noises: nor did any strange occurrences happen. After awhile of dealing with loud bangs and noises; my dads things started to disappear and then re-appear in random locations of the house. For example; his spare car keys went missing out of his drawer in the bedroom and ended up in the bathtub of my bathroom. Naturally my dad accused me of messing with him. But it wasn’t me.

One time I was at janes house, it was a Friday night because I always stayed with her on Friday nights; and my dad calls me, the conversation went like this Me: “ hey dad” Dad: “ are you at janes?” Me: “ yes why?” I could tell my dad sounded a little panicked but I wasn’t too concerned. Dad: “well something mimicked your voice to me, I was in the living room reading a book waiting for your mom to come home and I heard you enter from the garage into the house and announce to me that you got bored at janes house” Obviously I was shocked. Because I didn’t leave janes house at all that night. My dad stated that he got an unsettling feeling because I don’t have a garage door opener, and that I always came through the front door. He told me that at first, he thought he was hearing things but then my dog reacted to the sound of my voice and ran down the hallway to greet me, and when he went to my bedroom I wasn’t home. I wasn’t in the house at all. Needless to say my dad finally believed me but my mother is still skeptical because she never experienced anything.

After awhile the strange noises and occurrences finally started to diminish. We moved out the house and very rarely do strange things happen. Maybe once every couple years I hear/ experience something I can not explain. I guess I will never know as to why a ghost or demon, whatever it was, would try to scare me everyday for two years. But I am glad that it had stopped.

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