There’s a ghost haunting my workplace

So I’ve been working at this restaurant for about 3 years now and we’ve recently started hearing things that don’t quite make sense.

Here’s the layout of the restaurant to make it easier to understand the things happening bc they happened everywhere in the store. We have two floors, the main floor and the basement. The main floor has two prep areas, a pizza prep area in the front and a kitchen in the back. Next to the kitchen is a bathroom and next to the bathroom is a stairwell leading to the basement. In the basement there’s a changing room on the front, right under the front prep area. Next to the changing room is the owners office, and a few feet down is a large walk in fridge that’s always closed. Towards the back of the basement is another prep area and right next to that is a heavy metal door that leading to a storage closet.

There’s a ghost haunting my workplace

Here’s some of the stuff that my coworkers and I have experienced:

• My coworker, lets call him David, came into work at 10am (an hour before we open, so no customers were inside yet) and went straight to the bathroom. While he was there he heard a loud knock from the bathroom door and was startled for a minute. He thought it was another of our coworker that came in but when we went downstairs to change and saw no one was downstairs and then went upstairs again and saw he was alone he got spooked.

• A couple of weeks ago, David was closing up and he was alone again. He was walking up the stairs from downstairs when he heard a loud bang coming from the front. When he walked to the front to see what it was, he saw a bowl of flour on the flour. The thing is he had filled the bowl just before closing, it probably weighed like 15 pounds, and he had placed it on a flat countertop right next to the wall so there was no way it would have fallen on its own. The next working we tried to see it of would fall again and we did everything to have it fall (even violently shaking the countertop) and nothing worked.

• As David and I were talking about what happened the night before, a photo frame next to me fell from the wall.

• When I was closing alone on a Sunday night (an hour after we closed), I was blasting my favorite music while I was cleaning the bathroom when the music suddenly stopped and I heard a loud giggle from a girls voice behind me. I turned around spooked bc I was alone and knew the song by memory that I knew damn well it didn’t include a giggle. I turned around again finish ASAP and gtfo of there when I heard the same giggle, now further away coming from the stairs leading to the basement next to me.

• Near the same place where the frame fell, I was telling David what had happened to me last night when I hear a growl behind me. I quickly turned around and saw no one was there. I nervously asked David if he heard that growl and he said no.

• I closing alone again on a Sunday night and was just finishing up cleaning the bathroom when I heard the walk in fridge from downstairs open and close. That door is metal and is quite heavy and makes a loud noise when it’s shut so it’s very noticeable. I got scared and left ASAP.

• My other coworker, lets call him Vic, often goes down into the changing room during his break to nap when he’s tired. He’s heard footsteps walking towards him and when he goes and checks who’s coming in, he sees no one. And when he checks the whole basement to see if anyone else is there, he’s by himself.

• Vic when he’s upstairs in the kitchen often feels that he’s been watched and feels someone is next to him when he’s by himself.

• Our delivery guy, lets call him Oscar, has heard knocks coming from the metal door leading into an empty dark room that we use to store cleaning supplies and holiday decorations.

• Oscar has also been working downstairs next to the metal back door and has seen the door slowly open. The door is heavy and you need to push it hard for it to open.

•We’ve often stayed after closing to sit for a minute and chat while we wait for the bus or our cabs and have countless times heard the electric motor bikes turn on even if they are locked and turned off. (We use electric bikes for deliveries and bring them in at the end of the day).