This ghost tried to chop me in half with a battle ax when I was little

The Story of Talackz: A Nightly Phantasm

We all have a reason that we sleep facing away from the door at night, and here is mine. Have you ever stared into a mirror when the lights are dim, and you saw your face morph into something else? Have you ever looked at one spot of a wall of a dimly lit room, and kept your eyes there until you saw a figure in the corner of your eye? I like to call these figures, phantasms. A phantasm is a ghost that is only a figment of your imagination. This creepy story is about a phantasm that I saw repeatedly when I was about six or seven. The question that comes across my mind sometimes now is, “Was it a phantasm, or was it real?”

One night, when I was little, I went to bed, as usual. I glanced at one part of my wall, and, for whatever reason, I kept staring there. Eventually, floating strait out of my sister’s door, I saw a figure that looked like a man under a teal colored sheet, pretending to be a ghost. The odd thing was, he was seven and a half feet tall, (as tall as our ceiling) and slightly translucent. Also, coming off of the body of this creepy apparition, were two, long, skinny arms that looked like they were covered in black, shinny scales. These arms carried small, eerie, hands that had long, sharp, claw-like fingers, three on each hand. His head had no neck, and his neck had no shoulders, he had only a dome. And worse of all, this ghoul had two red, glowing balls for eyes, and a dark shadowy indent about halfway down it’s body, for a mouth.

This tall-as-the-ceiling ghost slowly inched toward me, and when it entered through my doorway, that’s when I tried to look at it, to see what it was. As soon as I did that, it was gone in an instant. For my question was, “was this real?”

Out of curiosity, I kept on doing this. I kept on staring at that same point on my wall. And each night I did this, in the corner of my eye, I always saw that same ghost. Each time it was that same seven-and-a-half-foot ghost, with those same crooked little arms, and those same beady little eyes, and that same humongous mouth. And each time, I always shut my eyes, looked away in fear, or maybe I would even look at it directly, to see what it was. And every time I would do one of these three things, it would disappear.

One night, I said to myself, “I will keep looking at that same part of the wall to see what happens.” And so when I laid down in my bed, I did exactly that. I stared at that spot on my wall, and out of the corner of my eye, I saw the ghost inching toward me. However, when it came into my room, I kept on staring, not at the ghost, but at the spot on the wall. Then, to my surprise, it started to back up out of my room. Then it turned around, entered the hallway, and walked out of sight.

Despite it leaving, I kept to my word, and kept staring at the wall. It did come back, but this time it was running – or I guess floating at a higher speed, since it had no legs – toward me. This would be scary enough, but sadly it was carrying something with it. For my heart raced in fear, as I saw the ghoul at the corner of my eye stretching it’s arms back behind it’s back, and then over top it’s head, it swung a massive battle ax. Then it heaved the ax down onto the side of my gut, as if to chop me in half. Then, I did not feel pain, but I felt an intense sensation of “pins & needles.” Then, this monster of a thing faded away, smoke-like into the darkness, never to be seen again. And that’s the reason why I sleep facing the wall that my bed lays against, and why I now sleep, putting my head where my feet were. Sometimes I lay that same way I used to, just to see this old foe of mine, but every attempt failed, and it never came back. So, this ghost may actually be gone forever.

When I tell this story to people now, I use the name “Talackz,” (spelled like T-A-L-A-C-K-Z) because this monster was very tall and wielded an ax. Why the misspelling, you might ask? Well, I spelled it like that to give this nightly apparition a unique name, instead of an effortless nickname.

So, whether it was a real ghost, or it was just my infinite imagination getting the best of me, I always like to tell people my story of Talackz.

P.S.– It wasn’t just a spot on the wall that I was staring at. I didn’t include this part in the story, originally, because I figured it would make it too long-winded and complicated, and most of you reading this would have no idea what I would’ve been talking about. However, just for more clarification, I’ll describe it hear.

What I was actually staring at to wait for Talackz to appear in the corner of my eye was something called a “Robot Clock-Radio.” It was a strange robot head mounted on top of a clock (that I also presume would be a radio, although I never remember ever using it). There was a button you could press on it to ask it a yes or no question. It would give the answer at random, of course, but it was a pretty fun toy.

After the final disappearance of Talackz, My sister talked with me and decided to put it away under my bed. Then it would be out of sight, and out of mind. We later got rid of it; gave it away to someone else. So, if Talackz is real, and there is some correlation between it and the Robot Clock-Radio, then someone else is dealing with Talackz right now…

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