This is a story written by a guy called Mitch Rhook

. Its his first story, so take the time to read it please!!!!

I was excited. We were out for dinner after a silly day of mini golf, slushies, movies, ice cream. At one point we were thinking of just jumping into any random pool we saw. I was a 19 year old guy, just out of school with nothing exciting planned when I met her, and oh was she perfect. She was everything you could imagine; she was funny and smart, interesting and very pretty. You know the girl you always imagined, the kind that was just smart and geeky enough to understand lame puns about any kind of science, the one that took all the classes you would, the one that no one really thought existed. But here she was. We met the day after school finished, I had driven into town to get my hair cut and maybe grab some lunch before coming home to play the new video game I’d been excited about for months.

This is a story

When I got my hair cut I walked out of the barber and smacked straight into her. While neither of us fell over, she did drop her bag and her wallet came spilling out, sending coins everywhere. “Oh my god, I’m so sorry!” I started babbling frantically as I bent to pick up coins, cars passing by staring and pedestrians snickering at the incident. She picked up the coins too and I handed them back to her with another “I am so sorry about that”. She looked at me and smiled. I couldn’t believe the smile, it was kind of a dorky smile that just added to its cuteness. It was the most adorable smile I’d ever seen, and her bright green eyes were sparkling in the early afternoon summer sun. “It’s fine” she said as I handed over the coins “I space out and never watch where I’m walking”. I couldn’t believe it, this never happens to guys like me; randomly meeting a cute girl by bumping into her on the street. It was weird but I knew I liked her immediately. “So sorr-“I started, but she cut me off “oh nice haircut, did you just get that done?” “Yes, just grabbing a haircut and some lunch.” She looked at me; I could tell she was thinking deeper than just chitchat. “I was on my way to lunch too… how about sushi?” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, she had asked ME out. To lunch. A girl I’d just met. “Sure” I said, “I’m Brett by the way, funny being asked to lunch before we even know each other’s names” “well I’m Melodie. My friends call me Mel, or just M sometimes.” We got to talking as we walked, and I learned she was a bit older than me, 21, she told me she had just lost her last boyfriend and as it turned out she believed everything happens for a reason and when I bumped into her it was destiny not random act. I didn’t care, I was so happy I had met her.

We started dating pretty quickly, we were together 2 months and still laughing and having the best dates without a single awkward silence. After 3 months we went for a drive, grabbed some fast food and ended up back at her house, where we made love for the first time. It was great. She said her parents retired and moved away somewhere tropical, and as a 21st present, they left her their whole house, as long as she shared it with her brother, however he had moved away for university so she lived alone. I couldn’t believe how lucky she was. We kept dating and things only got better and better. It was a relationship that just worked. She met my friends and they loved her, I met her friends and they loved me, at one point we even had a party that both our friends came to and they all got along really well. Everything was just perfect. Well this brings us back to the date. We had been together 7 months at this point, I had started spending most nights at her house, and she was happy to have me there, everything just kept getting better and better. “Hey you know what we should do? We should go on a cute date that chucks everything we used to do all in big cute Saturday” I said one afternoon, while we sat on the couch watching Ellen dance around her audience. She loved the idea, “sure” she teased “but only if the gentleman pays for the helpless maiden” “OI” I giggled as I grabbed her and tickled her belly “ill challenge you. If you can beat me in mini golf OR bowling, I’ll pay for the WHOLE date.” She giggled and fought back, slapping my hands away trying to pinch me “fine bring it on, I’ll take you in mini golf any day”.

And so we went to mini golf. She beat me by 2 points, and would not stop gloating. Well this is when it all started. At mini golf she reached down to take her ball out of a hole, pulling her sleeve up a bit on her already short sleeved shirt, where I saw a red mark. “What’s that?” I said as I walked up, pulling up her sleeve. “Oh just a scratch, must have hit my arm on something” but it was more than just a scratch, there were to parallel broad scratches coming from the back of her shoulder, and down across her bicep. I thought nothing of it, but it was odd that they were so similar and it reminded me of something. The night was going great, and we ended up back at her place, we took our clothes off and got to it, but I secretly was looking around her body for other similar marks, and I found only one -Across her left shoulder blade. This wasn’t a scratch though, it looked more like a bruise, a pinch maybe. She told me she just fell over and hit something when I asked what happened. Well over the next few weeks more marks were showing up on her arms, and one day she even had a scratch on her neck. This is when I put my foot down. “Look Mel, you need to tell me what is going on. Is someone hurting you? Is something happening? Tell me what’s going on?” it wasn’t just the marks though. She was becoming more distant. She was pulling away from me I could tell. She wasn’t laughing as much, she wasn’t returning messages She seemed distracted by something, almost always her thoughts were elsewhere, I could see it in her eyes. She started making me stay back at my own place most nights. I still lived with my parents; I just never hung around too much. This made me more concerned than ever until one day I went to her house. I knocked on the door for what seemed like 10 minutes but no answer, I tried to walk in like I usually would but all the doors were locked, including the back door she always left open. I figured she must just be out, so I went back to my car when I got a text. “Hey sorry I didn’t return your message earlier sweetie, want to come over and hang out?” I turned back to the door, walked up and looked through the glass into the passage; it was still empty so I knocked again, loudly. It took a few more minutes but there she was, walking to the door, she unlocked it and hugged me. “Wow you got here fast!” “No Mel” I said “I’ve been here for 10 minutes knocking. Where have you been? What are you doing?” I’ve never seen someone’s face drop that fast. “You weren’t here knocking, I was in the lounge room and there was no knock” she backed off and ignored the conversation, I tried arguing but she insisted I was wrong.

I went into the lounge where she had claimed to be and it was clear no one had been in here, the tv was off, the couch was leather and it had no wrinkles from anyone recently sitting on it, the remote was away next to the tv and there was just no evidence of someone being home. Well I ignored it and turned to ask her what movie or tv show she wanted to watch, which is when I realised she wasn’t with me. I turned and called out to her “MEL?” I walked into the bedroom and there she was on her knees, frantically doing something, I just saw her push the corner of the rug that covered the majority of the floor back down. After questioning her she said it was just curled up and she was trying to fix it. I knew she was hiding something, she had been for weeks. She had been becoming distant, she had been lying to me about where she was and what she was doing, she had been failing to return calls and messages, and she had strange cuts and bruises every time we met. Most she tried to hide, but I knew they were there.

Well it came to the point I saw her once a week and she was clearly thinking about other things when I saw her. “Listen, Mel, it’s clear you are becoming distant. Is it me? Do you want to break up? What is going on?” “Break up? No I don’t want that. I love you. There is just. Well. There are things I haven’t told you. But there are things I can never tell you. Listen, Brett, I have secrets. Can you, well can you live with secrets? I mean, I know how happy I’ve been with you, but we all have secrets. Just let this one go ok?” this got me thinking really hard. Mainly if I wanted to stay here. I loved this girl, but she was being hurt by something or someone. I decided to do more investigating, so one morning I went to her house when she left for work. She was a saleswoman in a very expensive department store. I waited till she left and I went around the back. Her back door was unlocked as she always does in case she forgets her keys, which she has done before. I had a look around and nothing seemed strange, until I remembered the time she was messing with the rug. I walked into the bedroom and I lifted the corner of the rug. Nothing out of the ordinary, just a normal carpet floor. I put my ear to the ground and that’s when I heard it. Three faint thuds. I froze, and held my breath, listening as hard as I could. There it was again! It was only two this time but they were clearly thuds. I lifted the rug all the way to where the bed rested on it and pushed it up onto the bed. I couldn’t believe what I saw. There was a trapdoor. There it was, right at the edge of the bed a classic wooden trapdoor with a big metal handle. The type you would see in a medieval castle. It was very out of place in a carpeted bedroom. I was shaking as I grabbed the handle and pulled it. It wouldn’t budge. I pulled harder and harder, eventually it moved, it took all the strength I had. But I lifted it and leaned it against the edge of the bed where the rug was resting.

Stone steps led down to a dank basement. It was dark but light shone down to a switch on the wall about three quarters of the way down the stone stairs. I slowly made my way down to the switch, I was scared. My heart was beating out of my chest, I was breathing rapidly, and a horrible stench filled my lungs. But I thought I will just go for it, and I flicked the switch. There was a flicker. 2 more flickers of the lights, finally they all lit up. I had to swallow my gasp, and I froze as I stared at the sight. I could not believe my eyes. The lights were full florescent lights, the kind of dark lights you see detectives use to scan rooms, only they were huge and covered the ceiling. The whole room glowed Bright blue. Blue from blood. It covered the walls and the floor, it was everywhere. The walls were stone, but had the occasional metal pin hanging out. Big thick pins, up near the roof. I was trying to make my mind think but I was frozen. Everything happened so fast. The room was big, it probably covered half of the house, just underground. Then I realised what the banging I heard was. About half way along the wall, covered in blood, was a man hanging from one of the pins. Bars had been driven through his shoulders, and each end of the bars were attached to chains, which in turn were attached to one of the metal pegs, leaving him at least a foot off the ground. He had clearly been tortured. The banging was him pushing off the wall with his feet and the metal through his shoulders banging back into the wall. He still had energy, he was trying to get them out. But he was groggy, and when I walked up and he realised I was there he started sobbing. “please no.. please.. no more please I’ve had enough please let me go” he cried.

This is when I lost my mind. I gagged. I broke down. I realised everything was blood, I realised what was happening to this man. I realised why she was becoming distant. I was frozen, unable to think. That was until I heard a noise and spun around. There she was on the steps, illuminated by the light from the bedroom. “Well imagine this” she said. Her demeanour had changed. She wasn’t the cute loveable girl anymore. She stared with an angry and bloodthirsty intent, her voice was sharp and you could hear the evil hatred through her words. “my own boyfriend Doesn’t trust me and has to snoop around. We were so close too. So close to you giving me your heart completely,your soul was ready to be broken and twisted. You were ready for harvest”. I stood. Frozen. Staring. Mouth open and mind closed. I felt myself fall to my knees and managed to choke “what?”

She took a few steps towards me and started explaining “you see, this is all I am. I didn’t lose my last boyfriend, he gave up on me, she gestured to the far wall and that’s when I saw what I hadn’t previously. A wall of human hearts, each nailed to the wall and labelled, there had to be at least 30 there. Then she gestured back to the man on the wall. “This is Tim, I wasn’t becoming distant from you, I was getting closer to the other man I had already prepared. I’m sorry sweetie but when I ran into you, it was just too perfect an opportunity. I really had no one at the time and needed fresh meat. Funny thing was I also met Tim, and both of you were the perfect specimen.” I was slumped on my knees, my muscles would not work. There was no adrenaline running through my body, only paralysing fear. I could not understand what was happening. I managed to say one thing “why?” She almost looked amused by the question. “Why? WHY? Why did you need to be with me? Why did you want to take me out? Why does anybody do anything? Because this is my calling. I know it is, and I’m needed to do it. You think I’m the only one? Trust me; you were lucky you met me, not someone else. The other girls you could have met, you should be so lucky. You really believe my parents moved away and left me a house? NO!” she screamed “My mother started my collection when I was 14 with my father’s heart! She showed me everything! My brother in uni? Ha! He was my first kill!” she almost seemed disgusted that I didn’t know all this already but all I could do was watch as she walked up to me, standing over me she pulled out a long thick baton, and with a mighty swing, she slammed it into the side of my knee, I screamed and heard something click and pop. I knew my leg was useless after that, all I could think about was the pain. She walked up to Tim, burying a small knife into his lower ribs. All he could do was whimper. She walked back to the stairs, she climbed them, looked back and said “who knows, maybe you will put up more of a fight than Tim, I kind of like the marks he left on me before I strung him up. Good luck Brett, I’ll be back”.

Sitting in the darkness with a busted leg seemed like years passed but I think it was about 12 hours later the door creaked back open. All of a sudden the lights flickered on. They were blinding, the blood glowed blue, the whole room was illuminated, and way too bright for me to keep my eyes open. While covering my eyes at the sudden onslaught of blue glowing light, I heard Tim whimper. All of a sudden a white hot blinding pain shot through my abdomen. I reached down and there was a knife in my stomach. The same one she must have just pulled out of Tim’s ribs. I was hauled up with very surprising strength and she stood me against a wall in front of her. The pain was searing, I immediately collapsed again. All I remember as I blacked out was her calling me pathetic, then a foot coming towards my face.

I woke up again once more standing in the centre of the basement, the lights on. This is weird I thought, my knee was strapped and my stomach was stitched, but still lightly bleeding. I then realised I was propped up on some sort of stand. I climbed down and saw her. Standing, watching me. She gestured behind me, and I turned. Tim’s body was slumped on the ground, surrounded by his organs, and she had his heart in his hand. “Let’s have some fun” she said, never blinking, staring at me with those evil green eyes. I don’t know how something could go from so attractive and innocent to something so twisted and evil. And then she smiled. The dorky cute smile was gone, this was a smirk. A dark, evil, sharp smirk. She came up to me and punched me right in the stab wound, I doubled over and choked. “Listen” she said” I have a new heart here to add to my wall. I’m about to make it two. What are you going to do about it?” This is when I realised where all her cuts and bruises came from. It wasn’t guys fighting back from desperation when she captured them. It was her making the guys fight back, she wanted the struggle. I stood slowly, and looked at her. She grabbed my throat and growled “hit me, bite me, punch me. Now is your chance to escape”. I knew she wanted me to but I had no choice, the door was still open to the bedroom. I grabbed her throat and tried to punch her but she immediately kicked me in my busted leg, and I hit the ground. On the way down I managed to grab her arm and scratch all the way down. “Oh another scratcher?” she mocked “last one that scratched me lasted 5 days after his fight, let’s see how you go”. She walked to the wall and picked up a sharpened metal pole and a mallet, she walked up to me and rested it on the flesh below my collar bone, then gave it a mighty strike with the mallet, forcing it all the way through. I screamed in pain, everything went white. It seemed like an eternity of white hot pain before I felt the other shoulder being pierced as well. I heard the chains being attached and I felt myself being hauled up onto a peg, renewing the searing white hot pain, and I knew I would not last long. I was about to die.

I awoke with a start, sat up and yelled. I grabbed at my shoulders, I felt my leg. Everything was fine. Oh my god everything was fine. It was just a dream. A long, messed up dream. It seemed so real, it was so vivid, I could feel residual pain in my leg, but I was just sleeping on it in a weird position. I was so relieved, but I was also very distraught. What had happened to me? What caused such a messed up and vivid dream? I had a few drinks and took a sleeping tablet before bed last night but surely that couldn’t have caused such mayhem. I got up and trudged into the kitchen to look for something to eat. I was starving, like I hadn’t eaten in 2 days. Dad was in there cooking some toast. “Hey champ” he said “is everything ok? You look a bit off.” “Yeah I’m fine dad, just a bad dream.” “Well you will have to shake it off, I’m dropping you off to get your hair cut before I go to work remember?” “Yeah that’s fine, I was thinking I might grab some lunch afterwards too” “well when you get home, do that load of washing for me ok? Oh also, did you hear that the guy down the road is still missing, what was his name? Oh, Tim Price?”.