This literally just happened, still shaking

Something really creepy just happened to me. As I was driving home, a little girl ran out in front of the car in front of me and we both slammed on our brakes. I thought she hit her, so I got out to check, so did the other lady. Guys… we couldn’t find her. She wasn’t under the car, she wasn’t on the ground or on the side of the road. We both saw her! But i swear she just vanished! I’m super freaked out! I got my phone out to call and ambulance and everything!


So, I was really, really freaked out last night, and I realise I could have been a bit more forthcoming with details. Everything happened so fast, I’m going to try my best to remember as much as possible.

The road is called Old 22 in Pennsylvania near the Kutztown area. There’s no local legends or anything that talk about a ghost girl on the road, and as far as I’m aware there hasn’t been any accidents or deaths at that spot in at least 30 years, so if something did happen, it definitely is not recent.

There’s two large open fields on either side of the road, so we would have seen her if she ran away. We both saw her, so it wasn’t just our imagination. She was young, maybe 5 or 6? She had light blonde hair and wore a blue dress. I never saw her face, it happened too fast and I was kind of panicking.

We searched the whole area for over 5 minutes looking for her, but there was no sign of her anywhere. We were both freaked out so she said”I think it’s time to go”, I said ” good idea”, and we left

I’ve lived in this area my entire life and I drive by this spot almost every day, but I have never seen anything like that

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