This story is really personal and brings back a lot of memories, crazy, scary memories

We lost two of my brother-in-laws on Thanksgiving in 2001, in a rollover accident, on the rez. My husband and I were getting ready to go to Vegas for the weekend but we were awakened to a phone call about this accident instead. My sister-in-law called me screaming into the answering machine, “He’s gone! He’s gone!” I literally fell out of my bed trying pick up the phone.

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I’ll never forget her cries. We went to the hospital that night waiting for the younger brother to be airlifted in, he made it to the hospital but had already lost too much blood and they couldn’t save him. Our hearts broke and as we prepared to bury them strange things started happening. The next night we were at home, the entire family was there planning everything. The boys were outside building these “box covers” they use to block the skinwalkers from digging up their bones. It was cold and windy out, everyone went back inside‚Äč but I needed to grab my baby’s diaper bag out of the trunk of our car.

I rushed out and the wind was blowing hard and I started getting an uneasy feeling because someone was standing at the trunk of another car parked in the driveway, it looked exactly like my sister-in-law so I yelled out her name, but she didn’t respond. The bag was stuck and I felt terror as this person stood there motionless staring at me, so I yanked the bag out hard, it tore a little and I ran back inside. I yelled for my sister-in-law again, she was in the kitchen, I asked her why she didn’t answer me outside but she said she hadn’t gone outside, not only that but they had just put duck tape around the back door because the wind was blowing in sand. I told everyone that I just saw her outside and the aunts started speaking fast and angry in Navajo, they started yelling at me. I knew what I seen, it was her. I started crying so the boys ran outside to look and found nothing. They came back in and as they closed the door they heard a door slam outside!

They ran back out and found the doors opened and windows rolled down on a bunch of the vehicles! Now they believed me! One aunt freaked out and bailed immediately only to return immediately because she seen a coyote running away from the back of the house across the street. They decided that instant to go see a medicine man, they asked me to go but I refused to go out there after what happened. When they got back they apologized for yelling at me because the medicine told them if I hadn’t seen the skinwalker outside, it would still be watching us, listening, waiting.

He also told them that it had been looking in the kitchen window and confirmed that I really had seen an image of my sister-in-law outside, it “stole her face” to use that night. One of the scariest nights of my life. I’m not Navajo but I know skinwalkers are real. This was just the beginning of scary events.