This story that was told by my aunt several years back

Yaa’ a’teeh shi dine’e……so i remembered this story that was told by my aunt several years back. So the story goes…..

There was this young lady who walked into her moms house, dressed up and seem to be going somewhere. Her mother was cooking dinner for her grandkids. “When are you picking your kids back up. They been here for 3 days now.” She tells her in her soft voice. “I can’t take care of them anymore, you need to stay home.” She says. The young lady just sat there ignoring her, than she got up and tells her. “Mom, I need some money. Ive been playing at the casino and a couple of times I almost hit the jackpot.” Her mother shook her head in disappointment. “Daughter, you keep saying that and asking me for money, you haven’t win.” The young lady grab her purse and turned to her mom. “I just need to try it one more time and I can win this.” Her mother than warns her “I had a dream about this and I know something bad is going to happen, so don’t go, stay with you kids.” She just smiles and goes out the door. Her mom looks out after her through the window and only see taillights disappear over the dirtroad.

This story that was told by my aunt several years back

She walks into the crowd of people sitting to machines and loud voices filling the room. As walk pass the players she was getting anxious to play. So she heads towards the back where the food court was. Got herself a drink and sat at a table. She waited to see if one of her relatives would show up. Couple of people she knows walked by and weaved. She only had $10 in her purse. But rather ask someone for some cash to play since the $10 was her gas money. “Hello there, waiting on someone?” Someone says as they approached her. She turned around and saw this very handsome man. He wore a button up shirt with a cowboy hat. He had on a turquoise bracelet. “Oh no, im just taking a break.” She says. “May I sit with you?” He asks. “Sure” she sits up in her chair and brings her attention to him. They chat for awhile and she kept looking around. Than she decide just to use her $10 and see if that will be any luck. So she excused her self, “was nice chatting with you, but im go try my luck again.” He just smiled and watched to leave. As she was walking towards the slots machine she ran into the one person she didnt want to see. Her uncle. She only had met him couple of times when she was a little girl, but always heard stories of him being a skinwalker. “Yaa’ tee shi ch’e’e, was wondering if i can borrow some money from you. I need some gas money.” She hesitate to answer but she tells him “I dont have any money.” And walks around passing him. Soon she came to a slot machine and sat at it. She gets her $10 out of her purse, kisses it and puts it in the machine. She did good from the beginning, won couple of free spins and manage to double her cash. She was happy and kept playing. This machine was giving her more than what she was hoping for. “A’shoode’ niece, let me borrow some money.” Her uncle says as he put his hands on her shoulder. She shrugged it off and told him, “leave me alone, go ask someone else.” Raising her voice. Her uncle just walks away. She went back to playing and her luck started to decline. She thinks to herself, I bet its that stupid uncle that gave me bad luck. She took out whats left of it and started to head out the door.

He sat at a machine playing when he seen her walking pass him. “Hey! Where you going?” He yells after her. She turns around and saw the handsome man she was talking too. She put on a smile and walked over. “Hi, so your still here?”. She says. “Yeah, thought I’d try my luck too.” They smile at each other and he said “how did you do, any luck?”. She didnt want him to know what had happen so she lied. “I did okay, but my uncle needed gas so I gave him what i had.” He askes her, what is the one thing you want the most. She said “To win the jackpot.” And smiles. He than digs in his pocket and took out $20. He hands it to her and tells her, “here, try your luck again and see if you win anything” she wanted to just take it and use it for her gas, but she figured if she does good with this one at least she’ll have extra cash too. So she sat next to him and started playing. They talked to each other and some how she felt so comfortable with him, since he was so nice and polite.

She forgot that she was playing the only cash she would’ve have and lost the whole thing. So before she could tell him anything he looked at his watch and told her, “I gota go theres a lady i was suppose to meet.” And she was curious so she asks “a lady? What is it that she owes you?” The guys smiles and says “i gave her what she wanted so now she owes me.” They both just laughed and he told her ” well i still have $10 on my machine, you can play it and keep any winnings you get from it.” He grabbed his hat and walked out. So she sat in his place and started to play. On the 4th try she won thw jackpot. She jumped up, screaming and yelling. She was so happy.

After she put her money in her purse she headed out the door with a worker from the casino escorting her. As she came close to her car ahe tells him ill be okay now, so the guy turned around and headed back to the building. She was unlocking her car when the handsome guy came up to her and asked “so did you get what you wanted?” She looks uo and seen who it was and she was like “yeah i did, and thank you.” She looks around and asks “so were you able to meet this lady that owed you?” And he says “yeah, i just now meeting her.” She looked around and no one else was there. ” She says where, i dont see her.” He put out his hands and says “shes right here, now that i gave you what you wanted, you owe me.” She was confused and said “what are you talking about, owe you….what do i owe?”…..He smiles and says…”your soul”….