this took place back in the summer of 1984 in Sweetwater AZ. A young Navajo couple were headed back home after a long drive into Cortez CO for an auction purchase.
On their way home they stopped at the “Chat N Chew” burger joint in Shiprock and headed home. They were in a rush because they had cold groceries and mutton to take home. The couple was very well known because they had alot of cattle.
After they left Shiprock before they got into Teec they noticed a hitch hiker at the trading Post. The girl suggested they pick him up so without any hesitation they pulled over.

The sun was now setting.

They had a single cab white pickup truck with wooden side rails on the bed so there was no room in the front for the guy since it was packed with groceries. The girl was sitting in the “payday seat” (middle seat right next to the driver). The man slowly approached the vehicle and walked towards the driver side window. He was a tall skinny man wearing old clothing a beanie and old black jacket. He had long hair that was blowing in the wind.


No one was on the road.

“Where you headed?” the driver shouted and the man just pointed towards the west. That’s when they noticed the nice turquoise bracelet he was wearing. It has one turquoise piece missing….. So the driver just told him to jump in the back. As soon as he sat down they all drove off. The girl kept looking back at him. All she could see is the back of his head and long hair as he stared to the rear.
They only drove about ONE mile and the hitchhiker knocked on the window. Confused, the couple looked at each other and pulled over. The man jumped out and began walking across the road. He turned and waved and continued to walk away. The driver yelled out “take care!” And they drove away.

It was dark.

The couple only mentioned it once to each other how odd it was that he only wanted such a short ride. It didn’t bother them much they were actually annoyed by it. They drove back home which was about another 15 miles away. They got off the highway and continued to their house. Which was about 6 miles of dirt road.
By now the girl had fallen asleep on her man’s shoulder.

She was suddelny woken up by a loud thud.

They hit something. Confused she looked around. No one was in the ride. Headlights on and she saw her guy looking under the truck. He stepped to the side of the road and told her to come out. She stepped out and asked what was wrong. and she just saw him pointing toward the bushes. He said “look what we hit”. And there it was. THE HITCHHIKER. he was wearing that same turquoise bracelet!

The girl got scared and insisted they get help so they both began to throw all their groceries to the back of the truck so they could put the hitchhiker in the passenger seat so they can take him to the hospital. That’s when they heard the hitchhiker scream so loud. It was undescribable how the scream sounded. They then went back to his body.

It was gone.