Voodoo or demons?

I just remembered this, had completely forgotten about this experience.


Rewind the clock 4 years, it is approximately 1 AM, don’t know exact time just know it was late into the night, the whole night I was feeling uncomfortable constantly getting up because I felt an evil presence, death like. After a couple hours of tossing and turning I finally am able to get some shut eye when out of nowhere I see a black spiral the sensation followed can be best described as voodoo. At this point my body feels extremely heavy, i feel like crying for help but i can’t, i look over my bed to the right of me and see a static like figure looking at me. I close my eyes and jolt upwards. I woke my mother up and told her everything, she gave me her bible and i stayed up all night holding it in my hands. I remember that the following months everything felt off, gloomy, gray. Everything looked like how TV shorts portray depression.

Writing this I now realize that this moment completely pivoted my life.