W’s exorcism – By clines9449

There is a woman I know, I will call her W. W came to the United States from Vietnam. She escaped by boat in the 1980’s, when she was a teenager. Here is the scary thing, W was “possessed”.

My mom is Vietnamese. W is like a second cousin. I remember meeting her when she arrived, but she was quiet and distant. She didn’t speak nor respond to me. Several weeks later, I asked my mom why I hadn’t seen W at Têt. She said that W was at the Buddhist temple. My mom said that she was “possessed”.


Vietnamese boat people risked their lives to escape the communist regime. Many drowned or died of dehydration, others were preyed on by pirates. It was dangerous.

W had said that when she was on the boat, she could hear many, many voices crying out in the sea. Her family believed W was possessed by one of these “angry ghosts”. Her parents said that she spoke in a different voice and lashed out. Her personality dramatically changed. I could never get anymore information then that. Everyone was quite guarded about this incident. The good news is W was successfully exorcised. W claims to not remember anything else that occured. She was advised that it is best not to talk about it, or it could attract the same evil back.

I am not sure if she was actually “possessed”, or if was a mental health breakdown. She definitely had traumatic experiences fleeing Vietnam. All I know is her family believed she needed an exorcism, and it apparently worked for her.